Citrobug – Essential Oils Shampoo


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Shampoo for animals Citrolug
– Improves the effectiveness of the insect repellent for
for dogs and horses
– Neutralizes odors that attract insects
– Biodegradable
– Phosphate free
– PH neutral
– Our botanical complex of citrus, conifers
conifers and eucalyptus flowers gives your pet’s coat
and shine to your pet’s coat

Can Citrobug be applied
applied directly on the animal?
Yes, you can apply the product
directly on your dog or horse’s coat.
horse’s coat. Keep a distance of 30 cm when spraying
you spray your animal.
Why is Citrobug insect repellent so effective?
The insect repellent for dogs and horses
Citrobug is composed of 3% essential oils:
camphor, pine, geranium, citronella, lemon and

Is it possible to apply
Citrobug on cats?
No, the product cannot be used on cats because they
cats, because they do not have the same digestive
digestive system as dogs and horses. Essential oils are not
essential oils are not recommended for cats.

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