Pur-Evolution – Seal Oil Omega-3


All canadian, locally sourced, refined and analysed with the greatest pride, we follow our mission by showing you our laboratory analyses so that you have the assurance of giving the best to your pets. There are no heavy metals and all specifications meet Health Canada and CFIA regulations.

We follow the allowences of the AAFCO and NRC recommendations. The maintenance dose is 50-75 mg/kg body weight combination of EPA + DHA.  We recommend a progressive introduction with any new product.

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ADH/DHA 8.14%    8.14 g/100g   73 mg/ml ou 366 mg/5ml

AEP/EPA  6.28%    6.28 g/100g   54 mg/ml ou 283 mg/5ml

ADP/DPA  4.22%    4.22 g/100g  36 mg/ml ou 190 mg/5ml

Ingredients: Seal oil, tocopherols (vit E)

Benefits of the Omega-3

– Coat and skin

– Anti-inflammatory properties

– Mobility and articulation

– Immune system

– Cognitive maintenance

– Cardiovascular support

– Growth and reproduction

Advantages of seal oil

– 100% Natural and pure 

– Less oxidation and optimized storage time 

When the seal oil is stored according to our recommendations, it is very stable and will therefor keep its properties and be safer for a longer time than other oils on the market.

– Very mild odor and taste  

– The only oil that offers a third omega DPA 

– Produced, refined, and bottled in a Canadian facility. Distributed by a 100% Quebec company.

– Better absorption rate and superior assimilation

– Secure choice for animals presenting intolerances, allergies and digestion sensitivities to other foods and oils. 

Quality control

– Human grade quality: our oil meets the Health Canada requirements and passes through the same process and analyses requirements than the oil consumed by us humans.

– Third party analyses certificate and quality testing: Each batch is tested and analysed by an external company to meet Health Canada and OMS (world health organization) requirements. Here are some of the tests; heavy metals, environmental toxins, chemical contaminants (PCB), oxidative stability, omega 3-6 ratio, disintegration and dissolution test and more.

– Seal oil is approved by Health Canada; http://webprod.hc-sc.gc.ca/nhpid-bdipsn/atReq.do?atid=seal.oil&lang=eng
– Produced in a Canadian facility recognized and certified by the CFIA (Canadian food inspection agency) and follows the GMP (good manufacturing practice) to ensure that product meet the quality standards appropriate to their intended use before they are sold. To ensure compliance with GMP regulations, Health Canada inspects establishments that fabricate, package or label, distribute, import or wholesale to ensure they are properly controlled; https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/natural-non-prescription/legislation-guidelines/guidance-documents/good-manufacturing-practices.html

– Refining process: refined in Canada using the RBD method (bleached and deodorized). The oil has been purified to meet highest standards while keeping its properties. Our oil is not from concentrate and is free from hormones, pesticides and has no artificial flavors.

– Bottles: our bottles are dark to bloc ultraviolet rays and keep the oil from deterioration. To ensure the product is fresh and safe, we have added a  sealant.

– Origins, culture and renewable source: The population of seals are thriving and are a renewable source and are part of the native culture. The seal activities are legal and are under the Fisheries and Oceans of Canada (DFO) regulations.


Additional information

Weight0.350 lbs
Dimensions6.5 × 6.5 × 15 in
Life stage

Dogs, Senior dogs, Puppies, Cats, Senior cats, Kittens

Size :

1 L, 250 ml, 500 ml





Made in Québec, Made in Canada

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